Well, here we are living in another lockdown with the prospect of a return to the tier system afterwards. The virus rate in my town is steadily creeping up and I firmly believe I will be living in tier 2 restrictions after 2nd December. Actually I have been very busy over the last two weeks and I have not noticed being locked up at home. But I dare-say I will notice it more from next week when things become quieter. This lockdown is more relaxed than the last one. My husband has gone fishing today which was not allowed before. I am hoping he will get a good catch because the overall season has been the worst one ever for him. Not just because of Covid – the weather conditions have rarely been ideal for good long sessions by the river. 

But isn’t it good news about the vaccine? I still cannot work out if there will be enough to go round once they start rolling it out.  They need to secure another order so there is enough to go around. Let’s hope the Oxford Brand will soon be available to help out. Con and Dec will certainly be under the phase one course of vaccinations and so will I now I have hit 65. So it seems there may be some light at the end of the long tunnel we are still in. It is good to think that as time goes on, we will get closer to having our normal lives back. Although even with the vaccination programme, it will be a good long while before we can do that.  So social distancing and mask wearing will prevail. I am hoping that maybe by next summer we will be free do to more than we did last summer – although I realise it may not be everything we did before the pandemic.  And the mass testing sounds quite successful too and hopefully in time that will allow a certain amount of freedom with our lives. My niece lives in one area that has been targeted for that. It will be interesting to hear how that pans out. She had a Covid test in the summer and said how invasive it was. The swab going up the nose has to poke itself in so far it practically hits one’s eyeball.  

The other good news is the Democratic win in America. I have to say that I am no fan of Donald Trump – the same sentiment which is shared by most British people. I only have one other Brit on my Facebook friends list who appears to like him. As for the rest of us, we are very pleased with the outcome of the election. My cousin was so delighted with the news that she cracked open a bottle of champagne to celebrate. However, it seems that our Prime Minister will have to work hard at building up a good relationship with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, in order to trade well with America. At least our leader and their leader-to-be both agree on the climate change issues.      

We had a fantastic Zoom meeting with Con and Dec two Sundays ago and the lockdown was discussed a fair bit during that hour. Dec asked for some peoples’ opinions and clashes between members occurred and more thoughts were spoken out in a very diplomatic way. Dec voiced his reservations about how a lockdown would effectively lower the infection and death rates while schools and universities were still open, and I agreed with him whole heartedly; even though I – nor Dec – have no wish for children’s education to be interrupted. It was good to hear in today’s news that all University students will have the quick Covid tests so they can travel home for Christmas by 9th December if they are in the clear. And those who prove to be Covid positive will have to go into self-isolation for two weeks before they can travel home. And it is great that they are all to have online lessons from 9th December. They should have put that plan into action from ever since the first lockdown, then maybe the second wave we are experiencing now would not be so bad. The current death rate is certainly extremely upsetting.

Our meeting wasn’t all doom and gloom. The boys lightened the atmosphere and sang two lovely songs. They recorded “I Believe” very successfully via Zoom. And Dec managed to obtain a video background shot of their local church, St Michael’s Church at Inchicore in Dublin. Con said that was where he and Kay got married. It certainly is lovely to see the places they frequented during their youth. Places to put on a list to visit after the pandemic is over and we can start planning holidays again. Then later on in the meeting they sang “Marie” which was next in the line of their top hits. Dec spoke of his granddaughter’s love of photography as she was the one who filmed Dec singing “Marie”. She caught him laying on the settee and sitting in different parts of his house – all so very well done. She is a young lady with many talents be it with her photography or acting or singing or speaking in public. She will be spoilt for choice about what she plans to do career wise. But going back to “Marie” I was amused with the line-up of trumpet players in certain parts of that video. Then the boys showed us extracts of memories from 2014 and 2016. One was about the Fan Club Get Together we had in Blackpool. I wasn’t there being filmed with the group of other fans so I must have been elsewhere organising the afternoon tea we were to have. Then I played my starring role by presenting a birthday cake to the screen to acknowledge Con’s birthday for 18th November. This was straight after Dec did the same for Carol Furze for her birthday which falls this Friday 13th November.  The next meeting should be extra special what with Christmas and there will be Dec’s birthday to acknowledge then, which I have already discussed with Con.

Dec talked about a pioneering method on The Bachelors part that they used to record themselves many times singing the backing parts of their songs, so when all were played out together it sounded like many people were singing and not just them singing once. The Beatles cottoned on to that idea afterwards and followed on. I must say I am disappointed that The Bachelors did not receive the correct recognition and accolade for this gesture as it was something quite big. Their method must have had a huge impact for improvements within the music industry in a way beyond means thereafter. They should have been given Nobel prizes or Knighthoods for their efforts.   

I will just pick out two questions from the past “Ask A Bachelor” columns to save me running out of things to write in future blogs. These are from a newsletter in 2011.

What life experience has made you the person you are today?


I suppose the things which have made me the person I am today are the life experiences which have formed my way of looking at the world. When I was younger, I was quite shy and missed out on a lot of opportunities of speaking to people, especially those I admired. If I did speak, I was so embarrassed that I usually said something stupid, which was even more embarrassing! Now I realise that most people are open and friendly and I am much more self-assured  


Seeing and listening to Jim Robin…probably the greatest speaker ever… an inspiration, both in the way he spoke and the message he conveyed.

He once charged $4 million to talk to 12 executives from Mobil for 4 days.

I was lucky enough to have dinner with him on occasions and to get inside his mind.

He was the most positive man ever and delivered that message of positivity to all who would listen…he gave everyone a strong reason for getting up in the morning.

What makes you laugh?


The old style comedians like Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy make me laugh. Frank Carson whom I heard a million times made me laugh as does Dara O’Brian. Most of the modern so-called “alternative comedians” leave me cold!


A good comedy film… “the Producers” with Gene wilder and Zero Mostel…probably the funniest film ever. The Vinnie Jones movies “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”  and the immortal “Snatcht”… guaranteed to have me shrieking with laughter.

A good ‘today’ comic … Lee Evans for instance, or my favourite Paul Merton… lots of huge comedy talent around at the moment and their success is well deserved. Sadly, Humphrey Littlejohn died recently…the thinking man’s comic genius. Again, proving that you never have to ‘try’ to be funny.

I will end on this note about humour as we all certainly need a lot of that to help through these next few months as safely as we can. Even though the news has been good so far this week, we have to stick with the ongoing restrictions so we can survive this pandemic and come out of the other end of it ready to enjoy life in the way we did before this crisis started.

Will be back next month full of Christmas Spirit, but in a different way.   


  1. Hi Lynne, Another really interesting blog again. I don’t know how you do it. I know I couldn’t. Keep up the good work. Love Sue

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