Ongoing Rules

I am writing this in-between the boys’ September and October monthly Zoom meetings. The first one held in early September was really enjoyable. Dec re-played his recording of “My Best Friend” and Con sang “No Arms Can Ever Hold You”. They were meant to sing “One Voice” along with Con’s son Phillip and Dec’s daughter Victoria, but the recording went wrong. I spoke to Con a few days ago and he told me they have been working on another recording of it since the last meeting ready to play in their October Zoom meeting due to be held on 4th October. Only 10 days from now! So that will be something great to look forward to. Dec has since announced on Facebook that the recording has been completed successfully. 

We will certainly need to see these Zoom meetings – whether you are joining in at the real time or watching the play backs a few days later. We need to keep some pleasures going now we are facing a grim six months of further restrictions and rules to abide by so we can try as a nation to beat Covid-19. It seems most of us who follow the news were expecting there to be a second wave of the virus – although seriously hoping not and if there was to be one, it was predicted to arrive roundabout November to December. Not now in September just two weeks after the schools reopened! But sadly that is the case. None of it is going in the way we want so the government had to impose new rules for us to follow. It is unfortunate that we live in a nation with many people who like to party – and party hard and they let us all down by breaking the rules. And with the Dominic Cummings debacle, some people seem not to take our government seriously when they impose new rules. They think what is good for the goose is good for gander and if top government officials broke the rules earlier on, then so can they. With no thought or consideration about protecting their loved ones from the virus. The rule of six is fine for outdoor events – but I fear it is not good for indoor events and for six household to mix indoors under one roof. Surely you could invite 5 friends round to your house in the morning, 5 more in the afternoon and 5 more at night. That would result with mixing 16 households in one day. That won’t keep the virus at bay and in any case, the infection rate has still been rising since the rule of 6 came into effect. Which means even that is not working. I would feel safer if the rules were changed to just mixing with one other household to help with childcare or personal care for the elderly. And that would enable those living alone to not feel lonely and isolated. But if this all means you cannot celebrate Christmas with the same crowd as normal, then so be it. That would be well worth the sacrifice just for this year in order to beat the virus and look forward to better times ahead. I for one will be throwing the 2020 calendar in the bin and saying “Good Riddance” to it at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve.  We were told a vaccine would probably be available by the early part of next year. Let’s hope so and we can regain our freedom and get back to normal living as it was before March this year. The important thing above all, is that we can all keep safe and well and to protect ourselves as individuals and our loved ones in the same manner.

I started to look through old newsletters to re-write information from the various “Ask A Bachelor” columns and the first one that I came across was from the June 2006 newsletter and it was under the title of “If I Ruled The World” And with Boris having outlined a new set of rules to us in a live broadcast on Tuesday evening – whether people follow those rules is another matter – I thought that was a very apt article to copy on this occasion.  Here goes:-


What would be your first act as ruler?

Con: I would get rid of all dictators who are stealing from their subjects in order to make their own lives more comfortable. We have examples all over the world at the moment. They are running their own countries economies for their own gain.

Dec: To abolish all income tax and disband Government…in 18 months-time it would be possible to return all income tax paid already by those living and the essential services would be administered by paid experts and scientists. All services would be paid by the populace.

Who would be your most trusted advisor?

Con: My wife Kay who is honest and caring and would make sure I did the right thing.

Dec: Myself

Who would you banish?

Con: All aggressive and noisy people. I would put them all on the same island and let them annoy each other.  

Dec: No one…everyone has their worth.

Would you be a dictator or a benevolent leader?

Con: A benevolent leader who would make sure there was justice for all.

Dec: Benevolent of course… but no sympathy for the lazy or indolent.

Who would you single out for knighthood and why?

Con: People who are caring and giving. They set an example for all of us. We should look up to people who are “honoured” and we should be able to admire them. People would not be allowed to “buy” a knighthood.

Dec: Jim Marshall…for his enormous unrecognised help for charities and his contribution to the music industry.

Who would you put to the tower or in stocks?

Con: All dictators who have made life miserable for their subjects. All drug dealers who make life miserable for their customers, and all muggers and thieves who make life miserable for their victims.

Dec: No one…everyone has ‘good’ in them… we just have to look a little harder in some.

Which law would you abolish?

Con: The Inheritance Tax. At the moment you are taxed on your income, you work hard to build up a little nest egg, then when you die you are taxed again. Your family is left with a huge debt to settle.

Dec: All laws that involve taxing the public in a stealth way…i.e. speed cameras.

Which law would you introduce?

Con:  I would make it legal for drug addicts to go to their GP and be allowed to get free treatment. That would get rid of the drug pushers who would be out of business at one stroke. New customers would not be created, and so we would get rid of our drug problem and related muggings and theft.

I would also make education for all compulsory. With education the world is your oyster, and you can choose to do what you want with your life. Education on drug taking and looking after your body would stop a lot of illnesses and crime, which is plaguing our society.   

Dec: None…there are far too many already.

Which building would you demolish and why?

Con: All so called “Modern Architecture” buildings. There is nothing more pleasing to the eye than to look up and see the classic designs of the old buildings. The trouble now is that nobody bothers to look up and see the beautiful decorations on some of our buildings. They are a delight, whereas some of the “modern” buildings are an eyesore.

Dec: None…why destroy the dream and design of a dedicated designer/architect?

Which ruler/monarch do you admire and have in common with? 

Con: Queen Elizabeth, who is very much dedicated to her work, and has given her whole life to the nation. Her only fault is not publicly demonstrating her love for her family.

Dec: The Queen of the UK is the most admired in the world and an inspiration to all those who work hard.  

If you could change the National Anthem for another piece of music, what would it be and why?

Con: “Rule Britannia” which is much more rousing and a better piece of music. The words are also more stimulating and would raise national pride. Every country in the world except Britain is proud of their “National Day”. Most people don’t even know when St George’s Day is! Let’s have more national pride and flying of flags, and down with the “Do Gooders” who say it might insult our immigrants.

Dec: The National Anthem is a treasured piece of music and much respected through the world….there would be no point changing it… The most musically respected and admired is the Welsh Anthem.

The above questions seem to relate with items we have seen in the news this year what with “Black Lives Matter”. I think all our lives matter and I do not agree to the destruction of our famous statues and buildings due to parts of our history. The statues and buildings were artwork created by past artists and architects and sculptors. Our history cannot be changed. Whatever happened in the past has nothing to do with all of us who are alive today. History whether it was good or bad has made us and our country what we are today.

The cover drawing for the June 2006 newsletter is based on the above “Ask A Bachelor” column. I have drawn Dec with a crown on his head and sitting in a throne. Con is acting as his butler with tea served on a tray. I have Con asking Dec, “Should this not be the other way round because I am the eldest brother?” Then I have Dec replying, “Nope, I am used to being waited on”   

One thought on “Ongoing Rules

  1. Love it again Lynne. Some hard hitting truths there Hope all well with you. Feeling low today. Rich took a tumble last night when taking his Tesco boxes out. He was fine, just a bump on his leg. However one of the boxes caught my framed maple leaves. I collected the leaves in Canada and had great fun placing them in the frame. The leaves look fine, but he broke the glass. This led to me and Frank falling out and things are still a bit tense between us. I will no doubt give in soon, but at the moment it is all a bit raw. It would help if he did something about getting a new glass, but he has just ignored it all day. Anyway, sorry for moaning.won’t do it again. Love Sue xx

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